La Formule, treating your hair at home

After years of research and testing, we brought you a luxurious formula that will solve all of your hair problems. They will shine just as the baby's hair and will be healthy again. The formula is magical and penetrated the deepest parts of hair strands to quench your dry hair and repair the damaged follicles. La Formule is the purest way to unveil your most touchable hair.

Nourish your hair by starting at the roots and going down.

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La Formule 3x The FUN
La Formule 3x The FUN
La Formule 3x The FUN
La Formule 3x The FUN
La Formule 3x The FUN
La Formule 3x The FUN
La Formule 3x The FUN

Yourdamaged hair needs some nourishment and care. The bio proteins, omegas, andamino acids present in the pack help in restoring them. From the first wash,you will start feeling the difference, as the product penetrates deep into yourhair. It locks the moisture for 10 days and makes them soft and shiny.

Asingle-use elevates elasticity, bounce, shine, strength, and most importantlysoftness in your hair.Making them damage-free, the product is highly efficientand user-friendly. Add this hairrepair product to your hair routine 3 times a month or every 10 days and feel the difference.

  • Suitablefor all hair types
  • Easyto use
  • Cruelty-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Goodnessof oils
  • Vitamin-rich
  • Safefor children
  • Freeof parabens
  • No sulphates used
  • Collagen rich
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The first and foremost, step is application. With the goodness of oils and natural amino acids, it continues...