Out Story

Beauty starts at the roots. And for La Formule, the roots of our rise into hair treatment began with a realization.

We live in a world where our foods, products, and even some of the clothes we wear contain an overabundance of chemicals. We wanted to switch the tempo and help make the world a better, more organic, and more natural place in all perspectives, beginning with a passionate line of the highest caliber hair care products.

Instead of aging our hair with chemicals,
We’re revitalizing it.

If you look closely, the purest and most effective ingredients are waiting for you in nature. And after years of research and testing in both the US and France, we were able to conceive a hair treatment so pure and powerful — all from the best components of nature.

We’re La Formule. And we’re here to wash away degenerating chemicals and soothe your locks with bio proteins, amino acids, and hydrating collagen.

No chemicals. Cruelty-free. All-natural. These are just a few of the things we stand for. La Formule repairs the essence of who we are — our hair.

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