Beautiful hair is a marathon, not a sprint. Because our main ingredients are vitamins, we suggest waiting for 10 or more days between applications to avoid hypervitaminosis, which can further damage hair.

Of course! Our product is safe for any type of hair. Please do -- and don’t forget to send us before and after snaps!

After you wash out La Formule, use your own conditioner on the tips of your strands with cool water to close the cuticles. This should be quick -- wash your conditioner out right away.

We strongly recommend that you wait until the keratin gets washed away (usually 10 washes). Keratin forms an impermeable layer on the strands, making it difficult for product penetration.

No sinkage here. In fact, your curls will be more bouncy and defined after using La Formule.

Hair growth isn’t the purpose of La Formule. However, once the hair is nourished, hydrated, and well cared for, it becomes healthier. As it becomes healthier, it’ll grow faster.

Yes, La Formule is perfect for any hair type.

Our formula contains an all-natural multivitamin complex, essential oils, bio proteins, herbs, and amino acids.

Yes! We highly recommend using our product before your treatment to prepare your hair. After your progressive treatment, use La Formule 15 days after your initial application for maintenance.

You came to the right place. Say goodbye to over-elasticity.

We feel your pain. This is exactly what La Formule is meant to do -- unwind the damage from harsh chemicals and bring your back to natural beauty.

It’s essential to moisturize your hair because it needs certain conditions to be healthy, strong, and beautiful. If your hair isn’t properly hydrated, it becomes weak, brittle, opaque, tangled, and falls out very easily.

In the case of hair loss, we suggest using La Formule 2-3 times a month, or a treatment every 10-15 days. It’s fast, simple, and effective, and can be done in the comfort of your own home! .