5 Minutes. That’s all the time you need for hair that outshines the best salon treatments.

You and your hair have places to be. Why spend precious hours and money at the salon waiting for glamorous locks when we created a 5-minute, 5-step nourishing hair treatment that gives you soft, invigorated strands—in moments.

Bring us your worst hair -- the more damage, the better the results.

The La Formule Method

  • 1Wash your hair with your typical shampoo. Dry excess water with a towel.
  • 2Using the provided spatula, mix your regular conditioner into the La Formule jar. Massage the mixture into your hair, from scalp to tips.
  • 3Cover with the provided plastic shower cap for 3-5 minutes.
  • 4Rinse with cool water and apply your normal hair conditioner to your hair tips (to close all cuticles). Rinse again.
  • 5Comb through and blow-dry at a medium temperature.

La Formule’s unique 5-step process forms a protective film on your strands, allowing you to enjoy silky, healthy hair for up to 10 days.

And the fun isn’t over yet. Keep a close eye—bio proteins and amino acids are working hard in the coming days, making your hair more beautiful with every passing moment.

La Formule is powerful, so don’t overindulge. Enjoy the best results by using every 10

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