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Walking out of the salon feeling like a diva doesn’t come cheap, though, and tackling your hair at home has a complete different story than receiving a pro treatment in the chair. It’s quite challenging to maintain healthy hair at home.

The one thing that helps your hair to make, though, was La FormuleJar. It provides easy nourishment and moisturizes your hair giving it a shiny and glowing look. It is more like a conditioner that strengthens and nourishes hair but more intense and powerful

Incorporate La Formule Artisan Hair Repair Complex into your hair care routine, and you will get softer, thicker, stronger, and shinier-looking hair that is worth the extra. Our product will help to nourish dry ends, control frizz, and prolong your hair color, allowing it to look healthy and glossy for longer.

Get Salon-Style Hair at Home in Just 5 Minutes

Are you tired of rushing to the salon every eleventh hour? A gorgeous dress, nice footwear, and a sparkling face, but what to do with dull, boring hair?

Get gorgeous shining hair at home in just 5 minutes!

5 Minutes!! Yes, unbelievable, but you heard us right!

That’s all the time you need for hair that outshines the best salon treatments. Why spend precious hours and money at the salon waiting for glamorous locks when we created a 5-minute, 5-step nourishing hair treatment that gives you soft, invigorated strands—in moments.

Bring us your worst hair -- the more damage, the better the results.

Our Unique 5-Step Process

Start Cosmetics comes up with a 5-Step hair treatment. It forms a protective film on your strands, allowing you to enjoy silky, healthy hair for up to 10 days.

Here’s the breakdown of the hair treatment process:

  • 1

    Shampoo Your Hair

    Wet the hair with lukewarm or cold water. Then, take enough of the typical shampoo you use to cover the entire scalp and the part of hair near the roots. Massage and lather the shampoo thoroughly on your entire scalp. Avoid the application of shampoo to the tip of your as they are already brittle and dry. Let the studs trickle from the top to the hair tips. You can minimize your split ends by avoiding shampooing your hair tips. After that, rinse using cold or lukewarm water. Remove the excess water dripping from your hair. Dry the excess water with a towel and do not squeeze or wring.

  • 2

    Mix Start Cosmetics Jar with Your Regular Conditioner

    With the use of a provided spatula, mix your regular conditioner into the La Formule Artisan Hair Repair Complex Jar. After blending, take a dollop of mixture and apply it on your hair from the scalp to the tips. You can massage while applying the same to the hair. You need to especially focus on your hair tips if you have thin ends.

  • 3

    Let the Mixture Stay on for 3-5 Minutes

    Then cover your head with the plastic shower cap that comes with the La Formule Artisan Hair Repair Complex Jar and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes. Though it doesn’t need more than 5 minutes, but if you leave it for more than that, it won’t damage the hair

  • 4

    Apply Your Normal Hair Conditioner

    After keeping it for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse the mixture with cool water. After making sure that the entire product has been rinsed off, apply just a little bit of your normal hair conditioner only to the tips of your hair to close all the cuticles. Rinse again with cool water

  • 5

    Blow-Dry at a Medium Temperature

    It is a straightforward step and requires no extra brains. After drying, you don’t need to use any brush or flat iron, but it can follow the regular as usual. You can blow-dry your hair at medium temperature.

    Ta-da! In the end, you will get healthier, bouncier, and shinier hair. You can repeat the process every ten days to avoid Hypervitaminosis

    You will see glossier after-salon-treatment hair with less breakage and reduced hair fall.

    Hair Care Should Be a Vital Part of Your Regime, and It Starts with Start Cosmetics!

La Formule’s unique 5-step process forms a protective film on your strands, allowing you to enjoy silky, healthy hair for up to 10 days.

And the fun isn’t over yet. Keep a close eye—bio proteins and amino acids are working hard in the coming days, making your hair more beautiful with every passing moment.

La Formule is powerful, so don’t overindulge. Enjoy the best results by using every 10

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