La Formule

Years of testing from START has brought you a luxurious formula that penetrates the deepest parts of your strands to quench dry hair and repair damage from harmful products and the elements. La Formule is the most powerful, purest way to unveil your softest, most touchable hair.

Nourish yourself by starting at the roots--of your hair.

Good Hair Care Products

Bio proteins, omegas, and amino acids penetrate deep to restore hair One use nourishes hair continuously and improves locks for 10 days Dry hair is drenched by rich formula
A single dose elevates shine, strength, elasticity, bounce, and softness The more damage, the more effective the product

  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Safe for children
  • No Synthetics
  • Cruelty-free
$64.56 $80.70
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The journey only begins with the application. Luxurious and natural amino acids, bio proteins, and omegas settle in...