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    Best Hair Mask,
    Deep Conditioning – all in 5 minutes.

    Best hair mask for damaged hair - Only La Formule can revive, strengthen, and beautify your hair. Unravel years of damage with La Formule deep conditioning hair mask.

Artisan Hair Repair Complex

La Formule’s masterful blend of ingredients work together to nourish and revitalize your hair. 

And the journey only begins with the application. Luxurious and natural amino acids, bio proteins, and omegas settle in and continue to improve your hair over time, giving you photo-worthy effects for up to 10 days. 

La Formule is no ordinary hair care product.
It’s a luxurious convergence of wholesome ingredients and proven hair science.

Your look starts with your hair.
Look and feel your best with La Formule.



The best ingredients in nature, giving you the best hair.



Photo-worthy hair for 10 days, in 5 minutes.

real results

Our Difference

Years of research created the best hair. Here’s how.

Our Difference

It’s That Easy

5 Minutes. That’s all the time you need for hair that outshines the best salon treatments.

You and your hair have places to be. Why spend precious hours and money at the salon waiting for glamorous locks when we created a 5-minute, 5-step nourishing hair treatment that gives you soft, invigorated strands—in moments.

Bring us your worst hair -- the more damage, the better the results.

Optimum Foods For Healthy Hair

Optimum Foods For Healthy Hair

Take “You are what you eat,” the advice given by many a grandma which actually has roots that date back to the very first book ever published about food, “The Physiology of Taste,”
Scorched Strands: Why is My Hair So Dry?

Scorched Strands: Why is My Hair So Dry?

So, you have a dehydrating dilemma. You yearn for locks with the silkiness of satin sheets, but you’re stuck with hair that looks and feels like it was forgotten in the oven. 

Hair 101: What is Hair Made Of?

Hair 101: What is Hair Made Of?

When you think of protein, what comes to mind? Maybe that delicious protein shake you had this morning, or those chunks of roasted chicken or marinated tofu in the salad you had at lunch.